Monday, 26 April 2010

cheap carpet

Cheap carpets
There are many companies online that supply cheap carpet or cheaper carpet than the high street. When looking online for carpet you will almost certainly find it cheaper online, but this has its setbacks you may save money on your carpet but you will more than likely be charged more by a carpet fitter to install the carpet .so what you think you might save on carpet you may loose on fitting costs and delivery costs, if you order your carpet through a supply and fit company you will not have to pay for delivery costs and possibly a higher carpet fitting fee.
If you are looking for cheap carpet the best thing to do is to stay away from the major brands of carpet, yes they are quality carpets but will cost you more this is why it is best to find a very good carpet fitting company as they will be able to find similar quality carpets and a much lower cost.
I have found a company called who offer massive savings on all types of carpet supercarpets supply and fit all the leading brands but have also got lots of same equivalent carpets at very competitive prices they offer free estimates, free fitting ,free underlay and free accessories on lots of there carpet you will be amazed at how much you will save they also have a free no obligation estimate and planning service as well .supercarpets can normally match or beat any genuine high street quote on carpet supply fitting and underlay . supercarpets have saved many of its customers lots of money on carpets and carpet fitting so remember you may find your carpet cheaper online but when you have added all the extras and hassle of finding good carpet fitters why not let a professional carpet company do it all for you and still save you bundle in the process
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